4pcs/lot BOSCH Standard car Spark Plug FR7DCX+ for Honda Chevrolet FORD QUANSHUN CHERY Suzuki 1.3i 16V 4WD NISSAN auto part £18.23 £16.41
HOT Product Iridium Candle Spark Plug LPG 4LOT FOR CNG LNG BKR-GAS BKR6EIX BKR6E BKR6EVX BKR6EGP BKR6EIX-11 BKR6EK IK20 £23.39 £20.11

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In stock


The global car model

KL6RTC Applicable Model
Model Engine CC KW Type engine Years IRDIUM
EMGRAND 7 1.5 78 JL-4G15(原来是丰田1ZZ-FE发动机) 2016- KL6RTC
S5 1.5 113 GN15-TF 2013- KL6RTC
J5 (Heyue) 1.5 82 HFC4GB2.3C 2014- KL6RTC
J5 (Heyue) 1.8 104 4G93D 2014- KL6RTC
S3 1.5 83 HFC4GB2.3D 2015- KL6RTC
S1 (Rein) 2.4 96 2007-2011 KL6RTC
S1 (Rein) 2.4 100 HFC4GA1.C 2011- KL6RTC
S5 (Eagle) 2 100 HFC4GA3-C 2014- KL6RTC

Copper core spark plug

Better performance on ignitability and life time. 360° continuous laser welded center electrode create reliable resistance,promote durability. Tapered ground electrode decrease flame shround for better combustion Effective performance,improve Ignitability. Better cost performance.

Parameters of the spark plug.
Brand TORCH Calorific value 7
Model KL6RTC Length of thread 26.5
Material Iridium platinum Thread diameter 14
Original China Edge six-party 16
Clearance 0.8-0.9
  • 1. Connection nut 2. insulators 3. Hexagon shell 4. Sealing material 5. Outer seal washer 6. Copper core enhances spark plug heat dissipation function 7. The center electrode 8. The grounding electrode

  • The higher the value, the higher the heat value, the stronger the spark plug
  • The smaller the value, the lower the heat value, the lower the spark plug

Multi-layer shock-proof packing Safe arrival

Installation steps:

  • The first step , Use a magnetic sleeve to gently twist the spark plug into the spark plug socket
  • The second step, Do not force too hard to avoid the thread
  • The third step ,Use a torque wrench. Install spark plug

Production test equipment

1-300 T (Hydraulic press ) 2-160T(Pressure machine )3-80Tressure machine

4-Seal line 5-folding machine 6-Automatic drawing machine

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 20 x 15 x 10 cm
Brand Name:


Country/Region of Car Manufacture:


Manufacturer Part Number:



Nickel alloy spark plug

Other Part Number:


Interchange Part Number:


Mounting Base:


Electrode Material:


Calorific value :


Clearance :


Length of thread :


Thread diameter :


Edge six-party :



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